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Marshmallow Cookies

Marshmallow Cookies

6,000.00 Marshmallow Cookies

Beef Escallope


8,300.00 Beef Escallope

Chicken Escallop


7,200.00 Chicken Escallop

Fried Cashew Chicken

Sauteed Chicken With Cashew Nut, tossed in Sweet Teryaki Sauce, Served with your choice of…

8,500.00 Fried Cashew Chicken

Creamy Prawns

Sauteed prawns topped with creamy sauce cooked with baby spinach

14,200.00 Creamy Prawns

Surf n Turf

Grilled jumbo Prawns and tender steak, served with sauteed vegetables and your choice of side…


Sirloin Steak

250g of Sirloin steak grilled with butter, garlic and rosemary, served with sauteed vegetables and…

18,500.00 Sirloin Steak

T-bone Steak

350g T-Bone steak grilled with butter, garlic and rosemary, served with sauteed vegetables and your…


Fish and Chips

Traditional English Meal, Deep Fry Battered Fish With French Fries And Tartar Sauce.

9,600.00 Fish and Chips

Creamy Salmon

Salmon Steak, Tossed In Creamy Sauce With Baby Spinach, And Parmesan Cheese.

18,000.00 Creamy Salmon

Cheesy Pineapple Prawns

Served In Half Pineapple Sauteed Prawns, Pineapple, Onion, Green Pepper, With a Special Creamy Sweet…

18,000.00 Cheesy Pineapple Prawns

Beef and Brocoli

Small Cuts Of Beef Steak Sautéed With Broccoli In Soy Sauce WithA Sprinkle' Of Sesame…

12,800.00 Beef and Brocoli

Sauteed Prawns

Prawns sauteed with mix vegetables in oyster sauce.

16,000.00 Sauteed Prawns

Salmon Steak

Salmon fillet slowly oven-baked; served with sautéed vegetables and curry sauce.

18,000.00 Salmon Steak

Beef Strogonof

Tender Chunks Of Beef Coated With Gravy Cream Sauce With Fresh Mushroom.

8,500.00 Beef Strogonof

Sigaporean Chili Chicken

Breaded chicken in a lovely spicy caramelized sauce. Served with steamed rice

7,200.00 Sigaporean Chili Chicken

Roasted Chicken

Half chicken roasted and tossed in a very special pepper sauce. Served with our special…

7,800.00 Roasted Chicken

Mongolian Beef

Stir Fry With Thin Slices of Beef Simmered In A Soy, Brown Sugar, Garlic, And…

8,500.00 Mongolian Beef

Grilled Chicken

Grilled Chicken Breast On Bed Of Sauteed Vegetables. Served With Curry Creamy Sauce


Sticky Pineapple Chicken

Served In Half Pineapple Deep Fried Breaded Chicken, Pineapple, Onion, Green Pepper, With A Special…

9,700.00 Sticky Pineapple Chicken

Creamy Chicken

Chicken Breast, Tossed In.Creamy Sauce With Baby Spinach, Fresh Mushroom, And Parmesan Cheese.


Cajun Chicken


7,900.00 Cajun Chicken

Quinoa Salmon Salad

Grilled Salmon Topped Quinoa Mixed With Cucumber, Onion, And Cherry Tomatoes, With Lemon Oil Dressing.

12,000.00 Quinoa Salmon Salad

Strawberry Spinach Salad

Baby Spinach, Strawberry, Toasted walnut, Creamy Feta, Onion, And A Lovely Honey Balsamic Poppy Seed…


Smoked Salmon Salad

Mix Green Leaves, With Smoked Salmon, Capers, Meditgn Boiled Egg.

11,500.00 Smoked Salmon Salad


Deep Fried Falafel, Cucumber, Tomato and Lettuce served with Tahini Sauce

7,600.00 Falafel

Kani Salad

The Famous Kani Salad Made Of Crab, Special Mayo Sauce And Delightful Caviar


Halloumi Salad

Cucumber, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Basil Leaves, Topped With Grilled Halloumi Served With Lemon Mustard Dressing.

8,500.00 Halloumi Salad


Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Cucumber and fried lebanese bread with molasses dressing

7,000.00 Fattoush

Greek Salad

Cucumber, Tomato, Onion, Olives, feta cheese, Mint Leaves Served With Lemon Mustard Dressing


Shrimp Caeser Salad

Shredded Lettuce With Croutons Mix With Caesar Dressing Sprinkled With Parmesan Cheese And Prawn.

8,000.00 Shrimp Caeser Salad

Chicken Caeser Salad

Shredded Lettuce With Croutons Mix With Caesar Dressing Sprinkled With Parmesan Cheese and Chicken.

6,500.00 Chicken Caeser Salad

Seafood Platter

Combination of four types of seafood from Battered deep fried fish, grilled prawsn, pan fry…

24,800.00 Seafood Platter

House Platter

Mozzarella Sticks, Wings, Chicken Tender, Tacos, Onion Rings, Fried Yam, Fried Plantain.

19,600.00 House Platter

Taco Platter

Variety Taco Bells Filled With Mix Of Beef Chicken And Vegetables Topped With chesse

16,800.00 Taco Platter

Salmon Canapes

5 Pieces Of Special With A Spread Of cream cheese, Topped With Smoked Salmon, Onion,…

12,000.00 Salmon Canapes

Dynamite Shrimp

Crispy Shrimp Coated With Rich Creamy Sriracha Mayo.

8,000.00 Dynamite Shrimp

Spinach Artichoke DIP

Baby Spinach, Artichoke, Parmesan Cheese, Cream Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese Served With Tortilla Chip.

7,100.00 Spinach Artichoke DIP

Baked Feta

Feta Cheese With Black And Green Olives And Bunch Of Herbs Served With Toasted Bread

5,200.00 Baked Feta


Bed Of Fried Tortilla Topped With Chili Con Cane(Beef), jalapeno, And.Black Beans

8,000.00 Nahcos

Chicken Wings

10 Pcs Of Deeb Fried Wings With Your Choice Of Sauce (Buffalo, Bbq, Sweet And…


Mozzarella Sticks

5 Pcs Of Deep Fried Breaded Mozzarella Fingers Served With Bbq Sauce

6,000.00 Mozzarella Sticks

Chicken Tender

8 Pcs Of Crispy Tenders Chicken Served With Garlic Sauce

4,000.00 Chicken Tender

Prawn Spring Roll

4 Pcs Of Prawn Served With Sweet And Sour.

8,000.00 Prawn Spring Roll

Chicken Spring Roll

4 Pcs Of Chicken Served With Sweet And Sour.

6,000.00 Chicken Spring Roll

Vegetarian Spring Roll

4 Pcs Of Vegeterian Served With Sweet And Sour.

5,000.00 Vegetarian Sprig Roll

Vietnamese Fresh Roll

Rice Noodles, Carrots, Lettuce, Cucumbers, Cabbage, And Shrimp Wrapped In A Rice-Paper Wrapper, Served With…

6,500.00 Vietnamese Fresh Roll

Popcorn Chicken

Small Chunks of Chicken, Breaded and Fried served with Brown Sauce

4,000.00 Popcorn Chicken

Chicken Nuggets


4,000.00 Chicken Nuggets

Garlic Cheese Bread

Two sticks of bread covered with garlic and melted cheese

4,800.00 Garlic Cheese Bread

Onion Soup

Fresh Onion With A Meat Stock Served In A Larger Bowl of Bread Covered With…

5,000.00 Onion Soup

Sauteed Brocoli Soup

Sauteed Broccoli Tossed In creamy Soup with Galic Bread

4,900.00 Sauteed Brocoli Soup

Shrimp Coconut Soup

Creamy shrimp coconut soup with curry sauce and garlic bread


Stir Fry Noodles

Lovely Noodles with sauteed chicken and vegetables tossed in stri fry sauce

8,200.00 Stir Fry Noodles

Mexican Pasta

Fettucine pasta tossed with special tomato sauce and basil leaves topped with deep fry crispy…

8,800.00 Mexican Pasta

Pesto Pasta

Penne Pasta, Cooked With Pesto Sauce Sprinkled With Parmesan Cheese.


Prawns Alfredo

Fettuccine Pasta With Creamy Sauce Topped With Sauteed Prawns And Sprinkles Of Parmesan Cheese.

11,000.00 Prawns Alfredo

Chicken Alfredo

Fettuccine Pasta With Creamy Sauce Topped With Grilled Chicken And Sprinkles Of Parmesan Cheese.


Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Pasta, Topped With Bolognese Sauce Made Of Minced Beef And Tomato Sauce, And Sprinkles…


Penne Arabiata

Penne Pasta With Arrabbiata Sauce Made From Garlic, Tomatoes, And Dried Red Chili Peppers Cooked…

6,000.00 Penne Arabiata

Sliders Platter

3 types of Sliders Beef, Chicken, Fish, served with french fries, fried yam and plantain.

15,000.00 Sliders Platter

Family Burger

Heavy Beef patty in a special sized of burger bread made special for the Family…

26,000.00 Family Burger

Fish Burger

Deep fried fish, lettuce and tartar sauce, served with french fries.

8,000.00 Fish Burger

4season Beef Burger

Beef Patty, Deep Fries Mozzarella Patty, Sunny Side Up Egg, Tomato, Pickles, Onion; Served With…

8,500.00 4season Beef Burger

Crispy Chicken Burger

Fried Crispy Chicken, Tomato, Lettuce, Pickles, Onion ; served with French Fries

6,800.00 Crispy Chicken Burger

Beef Burger

Beef Patty, Lettuce, Pickles, Onion; Served With French Fries

6,200.00 Beef Burger

Mexican Chirozo

Prawns, Beef Patty, And Special Chirozo Served With Coleslaw And French Fries.

10,000.00 Mexican Chirozo

Prawn Quesadilla

A Tortilla Bread Wrapped With Mix Vegetables, Cheese And Prawn Served


Chicken Quesadilla

A Tortilla Bread Wrapped With Mix Vegetables, Cheese And Chicken Served

8,000.00 Chicken Quesadilla

Beef Quesadilla

A Tortilla Bread Wrapped With Mix Vegetables, Cheese And Beef Served


Club Sandwich

Turkey, turkey bacon, mashed chicken, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and french fries.

6,200.00 Club Sandwich

Chicken Waffle

Mashed chicken, tomato, pickles, lettuce.

5,500.00 Chicken Waffle

Halloumi Sandwich

Halloumi cheese, cucumber, tomato, basil leave, pesto sauce.


Philly Cheese Steak

Beef fillet, fresh pepper, onion, mushroom, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, and french fries.

7,100.00 Philly Cheese Steak

Chicken Shawarma

Shredded chicken, pickles, onion, garlic sauce, and french fries.


Chicken caesar wrap

Chicken Caesar Salad wrapped in tortilla bread served with french fries


Beef Shawarma

Beef fillet, tomato, onion, sesame paste, and french fries.

5,200.00 Beef Shawarma

Prawns wrap

Prawns wrapped in tortilla bread with vegetables and cheese served with french fries

8,100.00 Prawns wrap

Seafood Pizza

Seafood mix topped with mozzarella cheese

10,000.00 Seafood Pizza

Pizza Baguette

Full sized baguette with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese topped with three types of toppings…

8,500.00 Pizza Baguette

Suya Pizza

Thin crust pizza with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese topped with suya peppered beef or…

7,500.00 Suya Pizza

Halloumi Pie

Pizza dought wrapped with halloumi cheese, mozzarella cheese, pesto sauce and basil leave

7,900.00 Halloumi Pie

Turkey Pizza

Thin crust pizza with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese topped with turkey, olives and fresh…


Vegetarian Pizza

Thin crust pizza with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese topped with mix of vegetables

7,000.00 Vegetarian Pizza

Hotdog Pizza

Thin crust pizza with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese topped with slices of frankfurt hot…


Pepperoni Pizza

Thin crust pizza with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese topped with beef pepperoni

6,400.00 Pepperoni Pizza

Margarita Pizza

Thin crust pizza with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese with oregano

5,000.00 Margarita Pizza

Zaatar Sajj Platter

Thin dow with zaatar spices and mix of cucumber, tomato, and olives, served with labneh…

4,200.00 Zaatar Sajj Platter

Falafel Manaich

Whole layer of baked falafel topped with fresh vegetables and tahini sauce

7,500.00 Falafel Manaich

Lahm Baajin

Mix of meat with tomato, onions, and green and red pepper

4,300.00 Lahm Baajin

Cheese And Pepper Manaich

Mix of Akkawi and Mozzarella cheese, with pepper

3,500.00 Cheese And Pepper Manaich

Cheese And Sujok Manaich

Mix of Akkawi and Mozzarella cheese, and sujok meat

3,500.00 Cheese And Sujok Manaich

Labneh And Veg Manaich

Cucumber, tomato, Olives, mint leaves, and olive oil with base spreaded with labneh

3,600.00 Labneh And Veg Manaich

Cheese And Zaatar Manaich

Half of Cheese and manaich and the other half zaatar manaich

2,500.00 Cheese And Zaatar Manaich

Zaatar Manaich

Zaatar herbs with olive oil

2,200.00 Zaatar Manaich

Cheese Manaich

Mix of Akkawi and Mozzarella cheese

2,900.00 Cheese Manaich

Egg Salmon Croissant

Fried egg, Smoked Salmon, cream cheese spread it in croissant

10,500.00 Egg Salmon Croissant

Healthy Breakfast

Boiled eggs, halloumi cheese, lettuce, avocado, cherry tomato, fruits, multi cereal toast bread.

7,500.00 Healthy Breakfast

French Breakfast

Croissant, baguette slicé, cheese, cherry tomato, cupcake, jam, butter, honey, fruits

7,500.00 French Breakfast

Nigerian Breakfast

  Egg sauce, sausage, baked beans, yam, plantain, akara, and pap.

8,600.00 Nigerian Breakfast

Syrian Breakfast

Fattet hummus, hummus with meat, eggs with sujok, Makdous, olives, vegetables, fresh bread.

12,500.00 Syrian Breakfast

Lebanese Breakfast

Eggs, hummus, fool, labneh, olives, zaatar manaich, vegetables, and Lebanese bread

10,500.00 Lebanese breakfast

English Breakfast

Eggs, sausage, turkey bacon, tomato, Fresh mushroom, baked beans, toast bread, butter, and jam

6,950.00 English Breakfast

American Breakfast

Eggs, sausage, turkey bacon, hash brown, French toast, pancake, waffle

6,950.00 American Breakfast

La Chaumiere Breakfast

Baked eggs with sausage, 2 plain Croissant, halloumi cheese, crepe, labneh balls, manaich zaatar, toast…

12,600.00 Lachaumiere breakfast
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